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Acupuncture is a medical art, which has existed for thousands of years and has effectively treated a myriad of physical and emotional complaints.  The World Health Organization recognizes evidence-based acupuncture as proven for dozens of diseases, symptoms and conditions.  The needles are sterile, single use 32-40 gauge needles which are like tiny  cat whiskers!  The painless insertion points are placed based on your reported symptoms and underlying health patterns.  Once placed, you will relax on a comfortable massage table for 15-20 minutes, perhaps with a heat lamp and a blanket. Most patients reports an immediate change in pain levels and a sense of relaxed well-being after a treatment.


Chinese Herbs

Acupuncture reduces inflammation and aids the body to heal itself.  Occasionally, an herbal formula will be prescribed for you to balance underlying conditions which might have affected your health.  Our formulas are in capsule form and affordable.  We also offer topical pain relief creams and oils.



Increasingly popular cupping releases tight muscle and fascia to accelerate healing, release inflammation and promote recovery.  Adult and teen patients love this modality between practices, conditioning workouts and competitions.


Laser Therapy

A slightly warm light is moved over the surface of the body with a Lite Force Class IV Laser.  The laser beams are painless and can penetrate 2-6 inches below the skin.  The purpose of the laser is to increase cellular activity to expedite your natural healing process.  The effects of laser treatments are often immediate or more noticeable after a few hours.  Laser therapy is most often combined with acupuncture, but can be performed as a stand-alone treatment.  The stand-alone treatment is great for patients who are uncomfortable with needles.


Kinesio Taping

At Silk Tree, we apply tape to painful areas of the body to promote blood and cellular circulation.  Patients report the tape feels supportive and helpful to their recovery.  Showering and excising with the tape if just fine and it can stay on up to three days.




“I started seeing Lynda for a chronic Achilles injury midway through triathlon season.  I was sure I would have to forgo any races scheduled for the rest of the year.  However, after just a few treatments of laser and acupuncture I was back to running! Lynda was able to recommend a treatment protocol that had me finishing my season with lifetime best times!  Thank you, Lynda!"

Michelle O...Multiple Iron Man athlete and runner

“Acupuncture helped me so much!  My pain was decreased and I felt a lot less tension throughout my knee and it helped me so much during a game or practice of soccer.  I loved having the treatment because it reduced my pain and allowed me to focus on my playing instead of worrying about my knee hurting.”

Rachel C.  High School Athlete, 1 yr post-op ACL surgery, Varsity Soccer

Constitutional Facial Rejuvenation
The insertion of very small acupuncture  needles in strategic points in the face, scalp and neck encourages a lifting, toning and can stimulate collagen production.  Micro needling is a motorized version of facial acupuncture with tiny insertions in the skin to promote collagen production and stimulating growth factors to smooth out fine lines and make skin vibrant!

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